Fisch, Frost, and Rausch v. Montana State Fund

Supreme Court Decision: 2002 MT 203, 311 Mont. 210

Holding: Permanently totally disabled claimants with claims since July 1, 1999, are entitled to impairment awards.

Status: Common fund issue settled. State Fund claimants entitled to benefits as a result of FFR have been indentified and paid.

Outstanding Issues:

Deadlines & Scheduled Hearings:


Copies of Orders, Motions and Briefs:

Notice Of Claim Of Attorney Lien - 1/23/03

Settlement Stipulation - 2/7/03

Order Approving Revised Settlement Stipulation - 3/31/03

Order for Notification of Common Fund Fee Settlement and Hearing - 5/6/03

Transcript of 6/25/03 Proceeding

Minute Book Hearing No. 3343 of July 8, 2003 hearing

Attorney Fee Order And Judgment - 7/10/03

Decision and Judgment Respecting Remaining Issues - 7/11/03


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