49-2-308, MCA

[1989] (VanHorn) Killion v. State Fund [4/22/99] 1999 MTWCC 30 Statute prohibiting discriminatory practices by state or its political subdivisions does not prohibit or override section 39-71-721, MCA (1989), which provides that workers' compensation death benefits to a surviving spouse terminate upon remarriage. State Compensation Insurance Fund, while arguably a quasi-state agency, is funded by premiums paid by private businesses and operates in the same manner as a private insurer, and is not subject to the statute. Moreover, because section 39-71-721, MCA (1989), is specific and unequivocal in its application, it is controlling on the issue and is not overriden by the general provisions of section 49-2-308(1), MCA (1989).