24.5.343 ATTORNEY FEES (1) In those cases where the claimant is awarded attorney fees pursuant to 39-71-611 or 39-71-612, MCA, the court will indicate in its findings of fact and conclusions of law the basis for the award of reasonable attorney fees, but the court will not determine the amount of the award until after the appeal period for its final decision has passed or after affirmation of its final decision on appeal, unless pursuant to ARM 24.5.348(2), the final decision is not certified as final.

(2) The court will determine and award reasonable attorney fees in the following manner.

(b) Within 20 days following the service of a claim for attorney fees, any party to the dispute may file an objection to the reasonableness of the fees, specifically identifying the objectionable portions of the claim and stating the reasons for the objection. General allegations to the effect that the award is unreasonable shall not be sufficient.

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