24.5.342 TAXATION OF COSTS (1) Unless otherwise ordered by the court, within 10 days after the entry of a judgment allowing costs, a prevailing claimant shall serve on the parties against whom costs are to be allowed an application for taxation of costs. The application must be filed with the court.

(2) The application for taxation of costs must be signed by the attorney for the claimant, or the claimant personally, if appearing pro sť. The signature on the application is a certification by the person signing the application of the accuracy of the costs claimed and that the costs incurred were reasonable and necessary to the case.

(3) The court will allow reasonable costs. The reasonableness of a given item of cost claimed is judged in light of the facts and circumstances of the case, and the issues upon which the claimant prevailed.

(4) The following are examples of costs that are generally found to be reasonable:

(5) The following are examples of costs that are generally found not to be reasonable:

(6) Items of cost not specifically listed in this rule may be awarded by the court, in accordance with the principles in (3).

(7) An insurer may make specific objection to any item of costs claimed within 10 days of the service of the application. (History: Sec. 2-4-201, MCA; IMP, Sec. 2-4-201, 39-71-2901, MCA; NEW, 1996 MAR p. 557, Eff. 2/23/96.)

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