24.5.101 ORGANIZATIONAL RULE (1) Organization of the Office of the Workers' Compensation Judge.

(2) Functions of Workers' Compensation Court.

(3) Information or Submissions. General inquiries regarding the workers' compensation court may be addressed to the judge or the clerk of court. All petitions for hearing may be addressed to the clerk of court.
(4) Personnel Roster. Addresses for the personnel of the workers' compensation court are as follows:

(5) Chart of Workers' Compensation Court Organization. A descriptive chart of the office of the workers' compensation judge is attached as follows and is incorporated in this rule. (History: Sec. 2-4-201 MCA; IMP, 2-4-201 MCA; NEW, Eff. 7/1/75; ARM Pub. 6/30/79; AMD, Eff. 9/30/87; TRANS, from Admin., 1989 MAR p. 2177, Eff. 12/22/89; AMD, 1990 MAR p. 847, Eff. 5/1/90; AMD, Eff. 1/14/94; AMD, 1998 MAR p. 1281, Eff. 5/15/98; AMD, Eff. 3/31/02.)

Workers' Compensation Organizational Chart

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