Procedure: Default

Aaby v. MMIA [11/5/01] 2001 MTWCC 57 Insurer which joined decedent's ex-wife into case involving death benefits moved for default against her where she was served with a Summons, and failed to timely respond to the petition, discovery requests, or a motion. Court issued Order To File Response Or To Show Cause Regarding Default, which sets a hearing on default pursuant to ARM 24.5.327.
Employment Relations Division v. Rising Wolf Construction, Incorporated [9/28/99] 1999 MTWCC 58 Company appealed determination of Independent Contractor Central Unit, Employment Relations Division, that four individuals were employees, not independent contractors. When no attorney entered appearance for employer, no response was filed to WCC's order for designation of attorney, and no other communications were received from employer, default judgment entered in favor of Respondent ICCU.