Independent Contractor: Independent Contractor Central Unit

Emanuel v. Montana State Fund [04/27/15] 2015 MTWCC 6 While the UEF can rely upon an ICEC as a reason to deny UEF benefits, it has no authority to make a decision whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor that is binding beyond a claim for UEF benefits; that authority lies with the ICCU under ARM 24.35.101(6).

Emergency Preparedness Systems, LLC v. Scobie [09/03/08] 2008 MTWCC 44 Where Petitioner’s letter unambiguously identified itself as an appeal of both the Independent Contractor Centra Unit’s determination and the Wage and Hour Unit’s determination, and which went on for five pages to detail the manner in which Respondent disagreed with both determinations, the Court concludes that the letter satisfies the requirements for requesting mediation pursuant to § 39-71-415, MCA.

Mortensen v. ICCU [7/12/01] 2001 MTWCC 38 Under 1999 legislation the Workers' Compensation Court has jurisdiction over employment status disputes arising under unemployment insurance laws. While the Independent Contractor Unit of the Department of Labor and Industry makes an initial determination regarding employment status, an appeal to the Court is a de novo proceeding. 39-51-1109, 39-71-415.